What to Do With Your Old Yoga Mat

What Can I Do With My Old Yoga Mat - Unconventional Yoga Mat Uses

  1. Recycle your mat
  2. Donate your mat to a local studio or program
  3. Donate to a nursing home to prevent slip and fall accidents
  4. Use underneath a rug for better grip and traction making it non-slip
  5. Use inside a pet cage or give to a local shelter
  6. Use in the garage for working on cars or stopping oil/fluids from leaking in your driveway
  7. Cut the mat and use it as a liner in your kitchen cabinets and drawers
  8. Use it at the beach in place of a towel to lay down on
  9. Cut into squares and use it to help you open jars
  10. Use it underneath furniture to protect hardwood floors and tile from getting scratched
  11. Use them for napping or laying on hard surfaces
  12. Use while camping as liners for your tent
  13. Cut up and use pieces to pack boxes and protect valuables
  14. Use it to child-proof hard/sharp corners
  15. Make toys - the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild
  16. Make seat padding for bleacher seating or other hard surfaces
  17. Protect the bed of a truck by laying a yoga mat down before loading in items
  18. Keep an old yoga mat in your car, you never know when it might come in handy
  19. Use it a s a sun shade in your car
  20. Use under your cat's litter box for easy cleaning and catching any litter that spills out
  21. Use on the top of your car to prevent scratches from Christmas trees, surfboards, skis and anything else you put up there.
  22. Plug up holes where drafts come into your home to cut down on energy costs
  23. Use as a plant liner for inside and outside plants
  24. Make yourself a mouse pad for your computer
  25. Use it in the garden while kneeling to pull weeds or plant
  26. Use it under your dog or cat dishes to prevent them from slipping and sliding around
  27. Hang up on the walls for better sound proofing
  28. In the kitchen or anywhere you stand to cushion your feet
  29. Use them as door mats
  30. Use them in your kid's room to protect carpet and other flooring