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The Best Way to Clear Your Mind

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 3/7/2018 to Health & Wellness

The Best Way to Clear Your Mind

It happens to me about mid-day. I get this overwhelming feeling that I need to quickly catch up to my to-do list or else all chaos will break loose. I start to stress over how tired I feel, meanwhile juggling around all the numerous tiny details associated with each task. Regardless of whether you share this feeling or not, we have all experienced what it’s like to have a suddenly cluttered mind, and it’s no vacation.

Speaking of vacations, they’re fabulous. For some reason, it gives each of us moments free from the stresses of daily life. We are given the ability to clear our minds. Finally! But what about a vacation gives us the ability to clear our minds?

Can we do this on a daily basis? Making a part of our day feel like a vacation?

I think we can. I think we are what gives us the ability to clear our minds, because we give ourselves the permission to do so. You might be thinking, “What, I don’t need permission to relax,” but unfortunately most of us do. Permission being justifying our relaxation. “I can relax now because I completed all my tasks.” There is always a “because” or reason why we are allowed to relax, but this time of clearing our minds is necessary to take everyday in order to remain happy and healthy.

So let’s do it. Let’s take the time to clear our minds daily.  

Try these steps:

Remove Yourself.

Remove yourself from the environment, even just for a few minutes. Outdoors is best, but away is away.

Breathe for Peat Sake.

Take a few deep breaths. Check in with your body and see how it feels, where it hurts, what it needs, etc.

Use Your Eyes.

Observe your new environment. Look around at the new details to be found, which I can do even in my office break room, so no excuses. Going outside for a walk around the block is best though because there is more to take in.

Comfort Your Body.

Find a new place to sit that is secluded.

Just sit. No need to really think about anything else, just sitting. You can think about how you’re sitting or whether your new seat is comfortable. You can think about whether your body is hot or cold.

Appeal To The Senses.

Take in through all your senses. Whether it’s grabbing a healthy snack to distract your taste buds, or breathing in the fresh air, your mind can be distracted by your surroundings very easily.

Don’t Feel Bad, The Sky Will Be Okay.

Let go. Think about how stupid it is to obsess over menial details and tasks. Do these tasks not being done cause immediately danger to you or anyone else? Will the sky fall if you don’t do everything perfectly? The answer is no, it will surely not.

Actually, Everything Will Be Okay.

Everything is going to be okay. Repeat these words until you believe them.

Be Still.

Enjoy the silence.   


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