Sounds True Shiva Rea: Solar Flow Yoga DVD

Sounds True Shiva Rea: Solar Flow Yoga DVD

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“Rea is an exceptional teacher, blending precision and poetry in her instructions, and she has a beautifully soothing voice.”—Yoga Journal

Shiva Rea continues to redefine the way we practice yoga with Solar Flow Yoga, her latest interactive home-practice DVD intended to revitalize and strengthen both beginning and intermediate students with the invigorating energy of the sun.

A progressive program of 15 vinyasa (flow) sequences from sun salutations to Shiva’s innovative “Dancing Warrior” technique, Solar Flow Yoga features two hours of immersive material: tutorial instruction in the techniques of flow yoga; four complete, pre-set guided practices; and an easy-to-use menu for designing your own sequences, brought to life by an ambient fusion soundtrack and stunning scenery from the Maldives’ Cocoa Island and Kerala, India.

Contains material excerpted from Yoga Shakti.

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