Dharma Mittra Maha Sadhana Level 1 Yoga

Dharma Mittra Maha Sadhana Level 1 Yoga

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Maha Sadhana: The Great Practice presents the jewels of wisdom from Sri Dharma Mittra's more than 50 years of yoga practice an extraordinary life dedicated to self-realization. Maha Sadhana Level I is designed for all able-bodied yoga students, even beginners, and covers asana, pranayama and meditation to create a strong foundation for success on the path of yoga.

Highlights from the DVD include:

  • 4 hours of rich, in-depth material covering all limbs of yoga practice
  • Practices suitable for both beginning and experienced students
  • Beginner Asana Practice adjustable from 53 to 64 minutes
  • Intermediate Asana Practice adjustable from 46 to 82 minutes
  • Guided pranayama and meditation practices
  • Spiritual Discourse advice for aspiring yogis
  • Dharma's Asana Workshop tips and tricks for poses
  • Bonus: Calling from Afar , a retrospective of Dharma's life set to the music of Krishna Das

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