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How to Create a Permanent Yoga Space in your Tiny Apartment

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 3/29/2018 to Modern Yoga Trends

How to Create a Permanent

Yoga Space in your Tiny Apartment


You obviously have full permission to unroll your mat each time you want to practice. I mean, what’s the big deal right? Why do you need a designated place in your already tiny overpriced apartment to permanently dedicate to yoga?

Simple. Because it helps you stick with your practice.

Oh yeah, there’s no joking to that statement!  I myself was surprised at just how different my practice was by having my yoga mat always laid out in its own designated space. This shift proved to help me go from taking yoga classes 1-2 times a week to practicing even a little bit every day! Helping me to advance further in my journey and, to be real even taking it more seriously was a great trade-in for a little-sacrificed space. Add wearing yoga pants on a daily basis and you’ve got a whole new thought process.

This year one yogi is now set up to transition fully into yoga as a lifestyle!

Below is a picture of my yoga space. Created in this less than 750 sq ft apartment, it's literally the size of my mat with a little wiggle room on either side. Sweet and simple.

Figuring out where to put this space was another story.

To help you set up your own space, I have a few tips I learned over time from my mother and sister. Both are certified and well-practiced in interior design and decor, educating me with a few of their methods that have helped me decorate my own apartment and incorporate this yoga space without disrupting its feng shui.   

So let’s break this up into steps:

Step #1: Find Your Spot

You probably already have your furniture and decor already placed around your living space. If you don’t like how your living space is arranged, the first step would actually be to solve that issue first.

I would recommend finding a corner of the room to dedicate as your yoga space. A corner is best because it is out of the walkway and can be called its own.

Using furniture to separate your yoga space is also a good idea.

The ability to separate yourself in any way is key.  

Step #2

Make sure you can straddle and pose for Warrior 3. I found that the wiggle room is vital to your practice alone. No need to kick a lamp!

Step #3

Differentiate the space as you would another room. Use idolized or specific trinkets and decor to indicate what you use that space for. Disconnecting your yoga space, even if just a corner of the room, will help you to also separate yourself when practicing or meditating. Create an escape.

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Step #4

Lighting plays an important role depending on the time of day you practice. Natural light from a window is prime for sure, but not every space will have that option, unfortunately. Plus, at night you’ll want additional lighting options anyways, so adding your own by placing candles, Himalayan salt lamps or even string lights can set the vibe you want for your practice.

Step #5

Whether you go with your own creative flow or follow a video, you’ll want a speaker in your space to fill it with only the sounds you desire. If like me, your yoga space is in the same room as your television and boyfriend, I recommend those Bluetooth earbuds to listen to music or your instructor. Again, this helps to create an independent space apart from the rest of the room.

Step #6

Storage for all your gear is pretty nice and makes total sense to put in the same corner. Even a simple basket or shelving unit comes in handy. Plus, you’ll want a little something to place all your decor items on anyways. It’s nice to have all your stuff in the same area.  

  Step #7

Cleanse your space and set the tone with a flow. Break your space in. Only you will know what to add or take away over time. Something I have recently thought about adding is a small carpet or rug at the end of my mat to enclose the space. Or even placing one under the entire space itself. Let the thoughts land with you.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like some input for setting up your own yoga space! I would be happy to show some love. Namaste.

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