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Seriously, Only Use this Mat for Hot Yoga

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 5/2/2017 to Yoga Products

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Which Type of Mat to Use for Hot Yoga

There are definitely a few factors to take into consideration when shopping for a hot yoga mat. As we know, choosing a similar type of yoga mat used for a regular flow class will probably result in a ‘slip-n-slide’ type of experience during hot yoga. We have all been there. . . extending back to into downward facing dog and having your hands slowly slide forward more and more until next thing you know. . . you are back in plank again.

In order to avoid a slippery mat, since escaping a slippery body may not be an option in a heated room of over 100 degrees, you’ll need a mat with a good grip and made of the right materials. Personally, after working my way through this trial and error decision, I have come to find that lite natural rubber yoga mats to be preferable for hot yoga.


Closed-cell mats like these are designed for durability and a senseless grip, which is perfect for sweat management and body traction. You want the mat to have a good handle on not just the ground, but on contact with moisture.


Tires are made of rubber and they put up with a lot on the road including high temperatures, speed, particles and inclement weather. Having a yoga mat that’s made of a light natural rubber is perfect for hot yoga because, just like your tires, this mat can handle it. You can see in the photo taken, the Dragonfly Natural Rubber Lite Yoga Mat is a thick (not heavy) natural material that has a great textured grip. Next time you’re going into downward facing dog or trying to easily transition into warrior two without slipping on your mat, try this one.


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