Everything Yoga 5 mm TPE Eco-Conscious Yoga Mat
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Everything Yoga 5 mm TPE Eco-Conscious Yoga Mat

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Our 5mm TPE Eco-Conscious Yoga Mat is a simple, beautiful, and durable yoga mat that is also environmentally friendly! A full 5mm thick means your joints will be fully supported. Made from super-soft TPE and featuring curved edges and a specialty textured and extra soft non-slip surface, these two-toned mats will keep you smiling and comfortable on your mat. TPE stands for Thermal Plastic Elastomer, a newly-patented rubber-like material composed of carbon and hydrogen: yielding closed cell foam. The closed-cell surface makes it water resistant and extra supportive. During the production of the mat, no toxic materials are used and waste is minimized and recycled back into the production process. You will love our eco-friendly TPE mat because it's non-toxic, PVC-free, latex-free, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Because our Eco-Conscious Yoga Mat does not contain rubber, it’s the perfect choice for those who might have an allergic reaction to natural rubber but still want an earth friendly yoga mat.

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