Aunt Vi's Color Essence Aura Sprays

Aunt Vi's Color Essence Aura Sprays

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  • These color sprays are made with natural colors, organic and wild-crafted essential oils, and vibrational essences
  • They are energizing and specially designed to harmonize or balance the aura and your personal environment
  • Spray these oils in an arc around yourself or a room

Red -  Helps with unresolved anger and resentment and is good to use when you have great ideas you want to manifest. It grounds you, gives you good luck and brings about passion.

Orange - Use this color when there has been a shock, emotional or physical, to your life. It will bring the aura back to its center. It also helps with your creative energy and digestive system.

Yellow -  Helps you learn by helping you assimilate information. It will relieve unhappiness by shedding light on the situation. Being the power center, this color makes you believe in yourself./p>

Green -  Good for the emotional body and for relationships. This color balances the upper and lower chakras. It helps you create a comfortable space to work in while giving you clear focus.

Blue - This color is the peace bringer. It helps you sleep better by gracing you with peaceful dreams. When there is to much authority in your life this color frees up your throat so you can speak up.

Purple - Helps you when you need to release negativity. It is useful for meditation and prayer. You can conceive of new ideas and developments. It is the color of transformation.

White - Is great when you are detoxing. It is beneficial when you want to clear the air at home or in the office. This is the color of light, therefore adding a sense of connection to the divine.

Pink  - Is red with light added to it and calms aggression. This color brings unconditional love into all relationships. It helps you to love and accept yourself, therefore it is a master healer. 

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