Dr. Andrew Weils Mind-Body Tool Kit

Dr. Andrew Weils Mind-Body Tool Kit

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With Dr. Andrew Weil's Mind-Body Tool Kit, listeners join the bestselling author of Spontaneous Healing (Ballantine, 1996) along with three renowned colleagues and friends—all leading specialists in alternative medicine—to experience a potent prescription of self-healing practices.

This information-packed "integrative medicine chest" includes an in-depth 52-page interactive workbook and 25 Mind-Training Cards designed to support a daily practice.

Course objectives:
Prepare an integrative self-healing medicine chest
Utilize breathing exercises that function as the master key to self-healing
Step-by-step, users will learn an empowering four-part series of:

  • Breathing—Dr. Weil reveals "the master key to self healing"
  • Meditation—Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn introduces listeners to the oldest and most effective system for calming the mind
  • Guided Imagery—Dr. Martin Rossman invites us to heal the body with this effective and easy-to-learn skill
  • Sound Therapy—Pioneering music therapist Kimba Arem leads a complete sound-healing journey

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