The Bolder Mat Company Designer Yoga Mat

The Bolder Mat Company Designer Yoga Mat

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  • These 100% non-toxic, extra thick yoga mats are screen printed with beautiful, bold colors and designs
  • Both the mat and the ink work together to provide you with the best support and stickiness that you need
  • Heavy Metal and Phthalate free
  • For Go with the Flow Turtle - Inspirational Japanese Kanji symbols and printed down the upper right side of the mat, declaring your intention to be that of "Love.... Light.... Happiness...." 
  • The background of this non-toxic, extra thick yoga mat is blue
  • Go with the flow and set your intention right
  • For Flower Power - Deep layers of purple (the color of the crown chakra) create a very powerful yoga mat
  • This nature inspired yoga mat is printed with flowers and hummingbirds, yet still keeps a very modern, hip vibe
  • The mantra 'Peace' is printed down the upper right side of the mat
  • For Cosmic Breath - When it comes to yoga, consciously using your breath is important
  • This non-toxic yoga mat is sure to inspire and ground you throughout your yoga practice
  • With the mantra "Breathe" down the right side, this slate blue mat is screen printed with beautiful dark blue and white inks
  • Remind yourself to breathe in every posture, and support your practice with this exceptionally stylish mat
  • For Fish Wish- The Fish Wish Yoga Mat is a beautiful piece of art inspired by all the yogis and yoginis with tattoos out there
  • Printed with passionate purple and super-loud orange, the koi on this mat literally seems to jump right off of the mat to catch the 'OM' butterfly flying above him
  • The Ulysses butterly flying above the koi has the 'Om' symbol right in it
  • Just like this fish, we are all reaching and leaping for that perfect union
  • For Technicolor Fish Wish - It's time to let go and go with the flow
  • Japanese waves flow down the left side of this non-toxic yoga mat, with Kanji symbols meaning " Love, Light, Happiness" on the right
  • A large sea turtle reminds us to breath and flow every time we are on the mat
  • Letting go of stress and self importance is vital to achieving true happiness
  • Set a positive mantra with these Kanji, breathe deep, and just let go and flow
  • For Technicolor Go With The Flow Turtle - Bolder Mat Co. took the "Go with the Flow Turtle" Printed Yoga Mat, and brightened it up
  • Many have said that after a tiring day at work, the bright colors energize them and help get them through their yoga practice
  • It's a good substitute for caffeine
  • For Cat Cow - Ink is an off white with a just a sprinkle of orange
  • This modern art rendering captures the kinetic movement of the cat cow yoga pose
  • This pose creates ideal spinal alignment from head to pelvis
  • From Leopard spots to Cow print, the movement flows through the hourglass of time, reminding us of the beautiful flow of life itself
  • Dimension: 24" x 72" x 1/4" thick
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