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Postures of Gratitude

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 11/27/2012
Different poses have a feeling different feelings. Some poses are heart opening. Some poses bring us comfort. Some poses give us energy. And some poses provoke feelings of gratitude. These poses are great ones to practice on Thanksgiving as well as everyday.

Practice gratitude everyday!

Posted by Tara on 11/20/2012
Each year at Thanksgiving, people start offering gratitude to the blessing they have. They sit around the table with their loved ones with a large bountiful meal in front of them and express all that they are grateful for. This is a wonderful practice that doesn't have to only be practiced once a year at the Thanksgiving table.

Vegan Friendly- Warming Foods

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 11/13/2012
Are you Vegan? Need some new foods to warm up your cold bones this fall? Here are some vegan friendly warming foods......

Five Reasons Why Yoga Pants are Perfectly Acceptable Attire - Anywhere, Anytime

Posted by DM on 11/7/2012
Yoga Pants....What a great invention! They’re even useful in yoga class!