Yoga at the Wall Book by Nancy McCaochan

Yoga at the Wall Book by Nancy McCaochan

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Nancy McCaochan, MA, E-RYT 200 taught writing before she began teaching yoga in 1995. Yoga at the Wall combines her skills. It's a clear, concise, and sometimes lyrical textbook that demonstrates how using a wall in yoga increases opening and awareness.

Yoga at the Wall teaches
• how to use resistance to train the body to open
• fundamental techniques of yoga breathing and practice
• basic pelvic and shoulder alignment
• ways in which wall yoga can help us strengthen and stretch
• simple movements to encourage joint mobility
• 40 of the most commonly taught yoga postures
• 25 foundational poses
• how to adapt yoga postures

in addition Yoga at the Wall
• illustrates each pose
• lists do's and don'ts
• mentions contraindications
• offers practice sequences of varying degrees of difficulty

• provides security and support for seniors and those in need of yoga therapy and/or adaptive yoga
• aligns the spine, pelvis and shoulders
• presents fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas)
• gives immediate feedback to increase awareness
• nurtures opening
• works with resistance for more effective strength training and stretching
• assists balance
• helps beginners and those with injuries and functional instability
• teaches intermediate students how to move more gracefully
• shows us where we're holding on too tightly
• creates a unique yoga session that's both fun and enlightening

Nancy is available for workshops in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont. For information see or call 248.797.4271.

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