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Vegan Friendly- Warming Foods

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 11/13/2012
Vegan Friendly Warming Foods The air is getting cooler and our bodies naturally start to crave foods that warm us up. A lot of people think that animal protein and soups that are made with heavy cream are the answer to warming our bodies. It is true that those foods do warm us up, but there are many other foods that will have the same effect and keep us warm during the cooler months. Check out this list and let us know in the comments below, how you are going to add some of these foods into your diet. Anise Basil Carob Cumin Chives Cinnamon Cloves Coriander Dried Fruit Dill Fennel Garlic Ginger Ginseng Honey Leeks Millet Mustard Greens Nuts Oats Onions Papaya Parsley Parsnips Peppers of all kinds Quinoa Rosemary Rutabaga Scallions Seeds (Sunflower, sesame, etc) Tea Vinegar Wasabi Watercress Wild rice

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