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These are a few of my favorite things: 10 Hidden Gems on Everything Yoga

Posted by Taryn Kelly on 5/27/2014
These are a few of my favorite things: 10 Hidden Gems on Everything Yoga

Late spring is the season of baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, birthdays, and other summery celebrations. I’ve spent the last few days combing through Everything Yoga inventory and picking out some of my favorite “hidden gems” our site has to offer:

  1. Wai Lana Little Yogis Stretch & Play Eco Yoga Ball Kit ($25.95): It’s never too early to introduce your child to fun fitness products. This yoga ball for tots is a great way to get children stretching and bouncing their way to fantastic fitness!

  2. Chakra Balancing: Mind Body and Soul 2 CD Set with Deepak Chopra ($21.95): Who doesn’t love a great guided meditation? This two CD set focuses inward on our chakras. Who better to guide you to serenity than the great Deepak Chopra, New Age guru and expert in both Western and Eastern philosophy and medicine.

  3. Dragonfly TPE Hot Yoga Mat Towel ($50): If you are a Bikram yogi, you cannot make it through class comfortably without a super absorbent hot yoga mat towel that won’t bunch up on your yoga mat. Forget suffering from hard little dots underneath hands and feet. One of the things that makes this mat towel superior to competitors is that the bottom layer is made from textured and skidless TPE, which holds strong onto your mat. The thin top layer is also textured and made of microfiber, able to hold eight times it’s weight in water.

  4. Mind Body Bliss Active Flex - 21" Leggings ($16.61): These leggings are the perfect length — the bottom hem coming halfway up the calf. Check out this amazing price! You will love these affordable and comfortable soft and stretchy yoga leggings. Perfect when paired with leg warmers in the colder months. Plus, these leggings are also great outside the gym or studio when worn with a long shirt or tunic!

  5. Yogitoes hBAND Yoga Headband ($4): How annoying is it when your hair, dripping wet with sweat, clings to your face or gets caught in your mouth in down dog? How about a four dollar solution? This thick and flexible headband is a customer favorite.

  6. Anointing Oil by Quinntessentials ($18.95): This proprietary aromatherapy blend is made of jojoba oil base (a neutral oil most similar the the oil produced by human skin) and vetiver essential oil, a musky and earthy aroma reminiscent of patchouli with a touch of lemon. For a quick, calming, deep breathing meditation: rub a little onto the wrists, the pulse points on the neck, and a touch on each temple on outsides of the eyes, close your eyes, and breath deeply. Inhale slowly and through the nose on a ten count. Open the eyes, hold the breath for three seconds, then slowly exhale through the lips. Repeat until you feel your spirits lift.

  7. Everything Yoga Natural Rubber Yoga Mat ($44.99): Do you love Jade Yoga mats but aren’t too keen on the price? Everything Yoga has made a similar mat at less than half the cost. Made from eco-friendly natural tree rubber, this is an open cell hot yoga mat (also perfect for power, Bikram, vinyasa, and ashtanga practices) made out of the grippiest material possible. I highly recommend selecting ‘brown’ from the color choices -- unlike the other mats pictured, the brown mat features a light brown-on-light brown woodgrain pattern; the bottom side is a dark brown, and the edges are curved. A unique and eco friendly yoga mat that will quickly become your favorite! Note: this product has been discontinued, so grab them up while you still can!

  8. Love Lace-Up Yoga Halter by Beckons Organic ($44.99): Looking for a sexy and eye-catching yoga top? This understated halter will cause a few double-takes once you get a look at the lace-up back. Also, this top is reversible -- like two tops in one! No more worrying about a top that doesn’t stay in place, you control how tight or loose you want it.

  9. Girls Winged Tank by YoliPol ($48.50): This adorable sleeveless top for little girls (sizes 2-12) is complete with fairy wings stitched onto the pack. Your daughter will shout with glee when you present her with this magic fairy tee!

  10. Divine Art Decorative Yoga Pillow Collection (double sided) ($39.95): What an affordable gift this is! On one side of this 18” by 18” throw pillow is a yoga-inspired image like a deity, a mandala, or lotus flower, for example. The other side features an inspirational word or mantra. A perfect gift that any yogi would absolutely love!

With so many great gift ideas, it’s hard to know where to start. If someone you know has a passion for yoga, but you’re not too sure about their personal taste or preferences, you can always surprise someone with an Everything Yoga Gift Card, sent direct to your friend’s inbox with zero paper waste! Available in denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100. What’s your favorite product on Everything Yoga?


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