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Product Review: Dragonfly Performance Pro Mat

Posted by Juliette Oliva on 9/13/2013
Dragonfly Performance Pro Yoga Mat

It's Friday the 13th, but I'm pleased to report my satisfaction with Dragonfly Yoga's Performance Pro Yoga Mat!


Nice! It's a full quarter inch thick, but seems thicker because most quarter inch mats compress due to open-cell lightweight foam construction. This one is structured a little differently: a closed cell, textured, fabric-like surface sits atop a very dense premium weight yoga mat. What I mean by ‘premium weight' is that the mat is made of very dense foam that does not compress too much when it's under pressure. This results in a yoga mat that is sturdy enough to provide a rigid surface (that even works under the carpet!) yet soft enough to provide ample joint cushioning and support.


Larger than average but not oversized. The dimensions are: 71" long x 26" wide. Compare to the average sized yoga mat: 68" long x 24" wide. The extra room isn't too noticeable, but totally crucial if you are tall or have wide/broad shoulders. This also makes it a fantastic mat for both men and women. The weight is a different scenario: this heavy-duty mat weighs 5.5 pounds. A normal yoga mat weighs about one pound. The added weight is kind of the worst aspect of this mat, but for me is definitely not a deal-breaker.


Did we mention the Performance Pro Mat is backed by a limited lifetime warranty? That's right! I don't think Dragonfly would add that feature unless this product has the ability to actually last a lifetime. If you are like me, you are sick of buying new yoga mats every 4 months! Plus, buying standard yoga mats, I was never really satisfied with the product as regular mats - in my opinion- are too slippery. I've had this Dragonfly mat since June (and used it at least twice per week) and it has shown no physical signs of wear and tear. I kind of feel like my Performance Pro Mat and I are in a committed relationship -- I know the mat's in it for the long haul!


This mat stores easily in any harness, bag, or carrier that was constructed to fit a quarter inch mat. It is a few inches wider than normal, though, so double check the dimensions before you make a purchase. I carry mine around in the Cotton Zippered Yoga Mat Bag and it fits easily with a little extra room to spare! This bag features a harness sling-style strap and although this mat is definitely on the heavy side, it's pretty comfortable on my back. Plus, I ride a scooter or bike to and from class and I can vouch that it is not too heavy.


The Performance Pro Mat boasts a unique, closed-cell textured surface. It feels like fabric, but don't worry -- it won't give you rugburn! If you are a hot yogi or sweat a LOT, you are probably still going to want to use a yoga mat towel. Closed cell mats wick sweat, so sweat will pool up on your mat instead of being absorbed. This means it is more hygienic and won't start to stink after a month. The bottom of this mat is also textured with the Dragonfly Yoga logo repeating. It's cool, because it's subtle (black on black) and lies face down. I don't know if the bottom is sticker than average, but the top side definitely is! My main yoga-related problem used to be my hands would sweat and slide everytime I hit downward dog. Now, the problem is that my hips hurt because I can actually DO hip-openers like downward dog split. They are all first world problems, I guess. But I'm so happy not to have to grab the sides of my mat in down dog out of frustration. This is a super grippy mat and seems to actually have gotten stickier over time.


We sell the Dragonfly Performance Pro Mat for $85. Not bad when you compare it to the Manduka Black Mat (the most similar mat) which retails for $100. The cost might seem high, but if this is the only yoga mat you will ever need, even if it lasts 10 years, you will be in the green. At the pace I practice, I was going through classic, standard sized yoga mats every 4 months. These cheap mats cost me about $15 a pop, so that's $45 per year on my yoga mat budget. I'd be breaking even around year two.

Overall Performance

I'm not slipping anymore! Which means I am happy. It's also cool not to have to roll the carpet out of the way when I'm groovin to a yoga dvd. Teachers, professionals, and seasoned yogis will love this mat because it lasts forever. Overall, this is the ideal mat in every aspect except for the one catch: it weighs a little over 5 pounds.

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