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Preparing for Class

Posted by Taryn on 7/23/2013

Before you step into the studio...

Enhance your yoga studio experience

I’ve compiled a checklist of things to do before yoga that you can do to enhance your yoga experience. This is a great list for newbie yogis who have never set foot in a studio before!

  • Hydrate! It’s important to drink water before class, but too much water will make you bloated and uncomfortable.
  • Empty the stomach! Try to refrain from eating 3 hours prior to class. Snack on a piece of fruit if you are peckish as a pre-class snack.
  • Find out more! Do you need to bring a mat? How about any other props or accessories? A quick phone call to the studio should satisfy these questions.
  • Leave the important stuff in the car! You never know if studios will have cubbies inside the lobby to store belongings. Plus, leaving important things outside of eyesight is dangerous. Keep it simple and lock everything you don’t absolutely need inside of the car.
  • Stretch it out! You may have seen other students in class “warming up” on their mat right before class, but do you really need to stretch before stretching class? To play it safe, yes. It’s a good idea to stretch any tight muscles or address areas of concern before class (especially hot yoga, power yoga, or vinyasa) just like any other form of physical exercise. Click here for a few warm up ideas.
  • Give yourself plenty of time! It kind of defeats the purpose of yoga, which is a practice meant to slow down the body and mind, if you are speeding up and rushing to class! Find your zen place before class for a more effective experience. Plus, you will land prime real estate in the studio by arriving early.
  • Check for special deals! Most studios offer discounted rates and/or discounted packages for first time students. Give yourself a break and announce that you are new once you arrive. This will not only (probably) save you some dough, but will also let the teacher know that you are new -- she or he will be more inclined to help you adapt.

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