Plexus Standard Wheel

Plexus Standard Wheel

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Recommended use: 5-10 minutes a day

6 mm Compression-Sensitive Mat ™ and Rigid Core holds up to 500 lbs

Effortlessly improves posture and relieves muscle tension

Made in the USA

Back Pain Relief Product - Tractions the spine and takes pressure off the discs
Relax your upper and lower back with the Plexus 12" Standard Yoga Wheel. Created with science to significantly relieve back pain, its 5" width helps to align your spine while also targeting the harder-to-reach lateral muscles. Holding up to 500 pounds, you can rest your entire body weight on this prop knowing you'll not only be supported but comfortable, as you lay on its hand-wrapped Compression Sensitive Mat. Targeting between the shoulder blades, using this prop expands the chest and helps to relax your neck and shoulders. Incorporate the Plexus 12" Standard Yoga Wheel into your practice today!

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