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Morning Practice Doesn’t Always Include a Yoga Mat

Posted by Suburban Yogi on 10/31/2012
After all who has ever learned to hit the pause button on life. I think about how lovely it would be to close the door to my little sun room, unfurl my yoga mat or get comfy on my zafu and dive deep into a peaceful practice. Not happening during standardized test week. Husband on a business trip, and the vet coming over with vaccines for the whole brood. Just NOT happening on a day like this. So, I’ve learned to cheat. In yoga, we practice satya (truthfulness), so I want to clarify what I mean when I say cheat. I’m not cheating on my taxes or using counterfeit coupons. I’m doing my yoga off the mat, and very much in the midst of life. Impossible to get yoga in on a hectic morning? Just look at my cheat sheet from this morning: 1. Woke up with cat on my stomach, methodically kneading my gut. Yoga translation: Massage for inner organs. Moved into lying down twist pose, away from cat. 2. Woke up the children. Yoga translation: Balancing practice. Deep breathing. Drew shoulders down the spine. More deep breathing. Practiced restraint and patience. Visualized stillness. 3. Fed animals. Yoga translation: Forward bending, warrior three stretches across labrador retrievers, and twisted half moon to position dog dishes three paw lengths from cat dish. 4. Fed children, made lunches and checked backpacks for homework. Yoga translation: Power vinyasa flow. This included every side stretch you can think of, dancer pose into the pantry, warrior two with both lunchboxes, more balancing poses. Ended sequence with heart opening posture as my children walked out the front door. 5. Hit the shower. Yoga translation: Standing savasana. Nothing more needs to be said.

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