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Mindful Monday

Posted by Michelle O. on 3/21/2011
I’ve been away from my practice for over two weeks and am starting to really feel the difference, so I vowed this weekend to get back to yoga. My second thought upon waking to the rising sun (my first having been, “I have to get darker curtains!”) was, “I have so much to do today and this week, I don’t have time for yoga.” As I went about my morning routine, my brain already buzzing with my to-do list, I realized that this was exactly why I needed yoga. I quickly grabbed my mat and raced out the door, knowing I was already late.
At the door to class, I slipped out of my shoes and tiptoed my way in, trying to find a spot in the semi-darkness. They had already gone through Sun Salutations and were in Side Plank. I unrolled my mat as quietly as I could and quickly went through a few stretches, trying to find my breath. Breathe in... “I wonder how many emails I’m going to walk in to.” …breathe out… “I should have gotten up earlier so I could do emails before yoga.” Settled in to Warrior II, staring at my fingertips… “I have new spring lines that NEED to be added today,” and lost my balance, shoulders slowly creeping up towards my ears. Silent “ARGH!” and back to breath.
Ten minutes later, as I was focusing on the stretch in Pyramid and visualizing each muscle lengthening, my breathing became easier… softer. I could feel the energy flowing through each inhalation and into every fiber. Bringing my head to my knee, I realized that new vendor I need to call is in California and I couldn’t call her until after yoga anyway. Exhale and stretch a little deeper.
Finally it was time for Savasana, or Corpse Pose, and I focused on relaxing each and every muscle, letting my body sink deeper into the mat. The instructor placed eucalyptus scented towels over our eyes and softly intoned, “Give yourself permission to do nothing but lay here, knowing that it’s only for a few minutes. Allow yourself the peace to not think about what you have left to do the rest of the day.” I let those words sink in like water in thirsty soil.
While I still have a large to-do list, I walked out of class feeling peaceful and ready for today. My shoulders are relaxed, my mind is calm. I know that not everything will get done today and I’m ok with that. Mostly ok with that. Taking time this morning for yoga allowed me to see the list clearly, to prioritize; because my first obligation is to myself, to finding that divine spark within me so I can conquer anything which faces me. I am in that place in me…. Namaste.

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