Gaiam Daily Meditation DVD

Gaiam Daily Meditation DVD

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Develop a sense of calmness and improve your focus with this Daily Meditation DVD. Well-known yogis Rodney Yee and Mariza will lead you through three sequences for your daily practice: an A.M. morning program to energize your body, a P.M, program to unwind and a bonus seated meditation program to help release additional tension. Approximate Running Time: 75 minutes.

Recommended Props: Yoga mat, block, strap, blanket, meditation cushion and pillow.

A.M. Program (25 minutes): Rodney Yee will guide you through an awakening practice with breath work to stimulate the body and mind.

P.M. Program (40 minutes): Maritza will show you how to sharpen your awareness and broaden your perspective while you unwind from the day.

Seated Meditation (10 minutes): Release tightness in the hips and back to become more comfortable during meditation. 

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