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Five Reasons Why Yoga Pants are Perfectly Acceptable

Posted by TK on 3/10/2014
Five Reasons Why Yoga Pants are Perfectly Acceptable

"Yoga Pants": the most googled yoga-related term by far, and we are pretty sure most of these searches are conducted by men. Women love sporting these deliciously comfortable trousers because they are convenient and convertible. Men love yoga pants (clarification: women wearing yoga pants) because they are second-skin tight, and form flattering on most bodies. The current popularity of yoga pants did not occur overnight — this particular variety of activewear evolved from the neon-colored leggings (commonly paired with leotards and leg warmers) of the Jane Fonda and Jazzercise era. In the 80's, who would have lingered at the coffee shop with girlfriends in their "Let's Get Physical" leotard and tights? No one. But today, yoga pants — the more demure and casual cousin of the jazzertights — are worn everyday to malls, Starbucks, Target, and yes, sometimes even to yoga studios. Not only are they very comfortable, they are now 100% socially-acceptable! Awesome. Why wear anything else? Here are some more reasons we love yoga pants all day every day:

  1. Carpooling kids and the family black lab all day? Stains and dark fur won't show up on black spandex.
  2. Working from home just became a whole lot more comfortable — and without the clinical depression that comes along with chronically sporting sweatpants.
  3. NOT working from home? That's okay, too. Nowadays, they even make work-appropriate ("dressy") yoga pants. Perfect for that lunchtime express class or 5:45 Power Yoga.
  4. Lunch with fit friends: pair with a cute yoga top and compare fabulously firm triceps.
  5. Dining in with the spouse? We love Chinese take-out on the floor in lotus pose!

Did we mention that for just under $17, you can get a lovely pair of yoga pants right here on Everything Yoga? Forget spending $100 for name brand yoga pants that become transparent in down dog (we aren't naming any names!). It's also important to note: the suburban yogi draws the line at wearing yoga pants at weddings and funerals. Those events require dress shoes, which look utterly ridiculous with yoga pants.



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