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Five Reasons Why Yoga Pants are Perfectly Acceptable Attire - Anywhere, Anytime

Posted by DM on 11/7/2012
These stretchy, comfy, second skin of yummy pantaloons, originally designed for practicing actual yoga and exercise, have evolved beautifully over the years. Remember Jane Fonda’s workout clothes? Yikes. Heaven help the gals from the 1970’s in their pink leg warmers, sky blue tights and mall bangs. (Those “gals”, by the way, are now the gorgeous 60-somethings in your vinyasa flow classes that you aspire to be like someday.) In the 70’s, who would have lingered at the coffee shop with girlfriends in their “Let’s Get Physical” leotard and tights? No one. But today, the coffee shop is a perfect mix of business attire and yoga pants. Why wear anything else, when yoga pants are perfectly acceptable for just about any occasion? Here are some perfectly good opportunities to wear yoga pants: 1) Casual day at the office, so you can get to your 5:45 pm Power Yoga class 2) Every day at the home office, because you probably woke up in your yoga pants anyway 3) Carpooling kids and dark-haired animals. Stains and dark fur don’t show up on black spandex 4) Lunch with fit friends, so you can wear a cute yoga tank and compare fabulously firm triceps 5) Dinner with the spouse, especially if it’s Chinese take-out, and you want to eat on the floor in lotus pose. Important note: The Suburban Yogi draws the line at wearing yoga pants at weddings and funerals. Those events require dress shoes, which look utterly ridiculous with yoga pants.

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