Conscious Colors Color Aromas Chakra Oil

Conscious Colors Color Aromas Chakra Oil

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  • The best color energy balancing aromatherapy
  • 12 unique color energies offer you optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance through Color Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing and Aura Polishing is made simple and delightful with our innovative products
  • Start restoring your light body by saturating yourself with the color rays of sunlight through aromatic color found in these pure essential oil blends
  • Follow this simple formula to balance your chakras and feel better on all levels:  choose your colors, breathe in your affirmations, and let your sense of smell create the shift
PINK ("I am loving") - energy for your Root & Heart Chakras
self acceptance, unconditional love, gentleness
pink grapefruit, palmarosa, lavender

DEEP RED ("I am abundant") - energy for your Root Chakra
centering, grounding, stabilizing
cedarwood, rosewood, vanilla nectar

BRIGHT RED ("I am energy") - energy for your Root Chakra
energy determination, ambition
cedarwood, cypress, lime

ORANGE ("I am creative") - energy for your Sacral Chakra
creativity, sensuality, patience
patchouli, tangerine, ylang ylang

GOLD ("I am present") - energy for your Navel Chakra
healing, nurturing, soothing
sandlewood, lemon verbena, neroli

YELLOW ("I am clear") - energy for your Solar Plexus Chakra
clarity, focus, self esteem
sandlewood, lemon, bergamont

GREEN ("I am balance") - energy for your Heart Chakra
comfort, balance, love
rosewood, geranium, spruce

TURQUOISE ("I am inspiration") - energy for your High Heart Chakra
purification, clearing, communication
peppermint, rosemary, juniperberry

PALE BLUE ("I am peaceful") - energy for your Purification Chakra
calming, relaxation, peacefulness
lavender, palmarosa, marjoram

ROYAL BLUE ("I am intuitive") - energy for your Inner Eye Chakra
insights, meditation, empowerment
frankincense, basil, clary sage

DEEP VIOLET ("I am spiritual") - energy for your Crown Chakra
awareness, spirituality, calm
lavender, frankincense, jasmine

PALE VIOLET ("I am light") - energy for the Crown Chakra
getting out of the head & into the light
patchouli, peppermint, clary sage

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