Conscious Colors Aroma Aura Misters

Conscious Colors Aroma Aura Misters

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  • Color Aromas Aura Misters offer you energy balancing "from the outside in" 
  • It's the best Aura Polishing product you will ever use
  • Delightful as an energy “pick me up" 
  • Ideal for protecting/expanding your aura (etheric field), as well as setting color energy in a room
  • Choose your colors, breathe in your affirmations & let your sense of smell create the shift

PINK ("I am loving") - energy for your Root & Heart Chakras
self acceptance, unconditional love, gentleness
pink grapefruit, palmarosa, lavender

GREEN ("I am balance") - energy for your Heart Chakra
comfort, balance, love
rosewood, geranium, spruce

TURQUOISE ("I am inspiration") - energy for your High Heart Chakra
purification, clearing, communication
peppermint, rosemary, juniperberry

PALE BLUE ("I am peaceful") - energy for your Purification Chakra
calming, relaxation, peacefulness
lavender, palmarosa, marjoram

ROYAL BLUE ("I am intuitive") - energy for your Inner Eye Chakra
insights, meditation, empowerment
frankincense, basil, clary sage

DEEP VIOLET ("I am spiritual") - energy for Crown Chakra
awareness, spirituality, calm
lavender, frankincense, jasmine

PALE VIOLET ("I am light") - energy for Crown Chakra
getting out of the head & into the light
patchouli, peppermint, clary sage

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