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Beginner's Yoga: Jump In

Posted by Jen J. on 9/5/2014
Beginner's Yoga: Jump In

So you decided to start going to yoga. Good for you. It’s a great way to get in shape, increase your flexibility, and achieve that long and lean body you have always wanted. But if you want to get the most out of your commitment, it’s important to follow these basic rules that tend to be ignored by beginners.

Step Away from the Cell Phone

Yes, it seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people bring their phones to class. Yoga is all about the body and mind connecting, which is all but impossible if you have a buzzing phone in your back pocket.

Take Off the Shoes

There is a reason yoga requires the use of a mat, and it is because you are meant to do it barefoot. Shoes limit your flexibility and don’t allow you to really become one with the earth. But that’s not the only reason not to wear them: Your shoes are filthy, and your entire body is going to be touching the mat at some point during the workout. Enough said.

Forget Everyone Else

You can't compare yourself to anyone else in your class. Each journey is different and special. Take it at your own pace. Remember, they were all beginners once, too. Even though it may be tempting to try to match Sally Jo’s impressive flexibility and strength, give yourself time. Otherwise, you risk injury and embarrassment; neither of which you want. 

Don't Be Afraid. Jump in.

How was your first yoga experience? Do you have any tips?


Date: 1/5/2015
I started doing yoga in 2008. In the beginning I thought it was a bit strange, especially the chanting OM in the beginning and end of every class. But thanks to my amazing teacher and the open mindedness of the other students I really fell in love with yoga. Last summer I did a teacher training course with Arhanta Yoga and now I'm planning on starting up my own yoga school...
Date: 1/3/2017

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