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5 Minute Meditation at Your Desk

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 4/7/2017 to Yoga As Fitness & Lifestyle

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5 Minute Meditation at your Desk

You might be at your desk right this second in search of a solution to how you're currently feeling. Are you tired, uncomfortable or stressed? Work can bring us into an overwhelming state where we constantly suffer from fatigue due to the never-ending “to-do” list that transpires. You’re here to find a quick temporary solution to this problem and I’m here to give it to you, so follow these few steps and suggestions to take the edge off a little bit while at work.

  1. Close Your Eyes & Open Your Ears

Turn off or close your computer for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if those around you notice, they might find your involvement in these relaxing steps a great idea and join you tomorrow. Those screens, along with fluorescent lighting is very damaging to not only your vision, but to your health. Taking a few of these moments a day might save you long term, but for now allow everything to go dark. If you are having problems escaping the lights, maybe try an eye mask to block out any residual light. With your eyes closed, listen to the noises around you. You don’t have to pay attention or think too hard about the noises, just become aware of them. Notice how these noises affect you. Do you feel stressed or annoyed? Do these noises not affect you at all and are simply a background humm? Stay in this state for around a minute or so; indulge in the senses and focus on what’s around you now that your vision is no longer being used.

  1. Catch your Breath & Notice

Keeping your eyes closed, draw your focus into your breath. Inhale deeply and slow, filling your lungs from the stomach up through the chest. Exhale that breath comfortably, releasing any tension from your body. Take two more of these. Returning back to a regular breath, there’s no need to try and change the breath or maintain consistency. Direct your attention to how your breathing; is it a deep or shallow breath? Are you holding the breath at certain times, or feel the breath to be quick and tense? Notice and become aware of the breath without changing it. Focus all your attention on the way the breath feels entering and exiting your body. Keep this focus for a minute or so.  

  1. Release Tension from your Neck

Releasing tension from your neck and upper shoulders, drop the arms down by your side. Now touch your right ear to your right shoulder. Repeat for the left side as well, and then continue this exercise touching right then left for a total of ten movements ( 5 to each ear). Finish with a head roll going in each direction, circling around from front to back, ending with your chin to chest… relaxing your head to release the tension from the back of your neck. Hold this for about 10 seconds and then come up.

Now, hopefully your chair is tall enough for this next release. Resting the back of your head on your chair, use it to apply pressure just underneath where the neck meets the scalp (there are two pressure points there I'd like you to target). Relax the jaw and rest your hands in your lap. Keep your eyes closed and enjoy for a minute or so.

  1. Let go & Free your Mind . . . Give your Body a Turn

Turning off the mind is hard, it constantly wants to continue reminding you of all the responsibilities and goals you have to do or work towards. People lose sleep not being able to let go of these thoughts. Simply allow the mind to wander in other directions; give the mind its freedom to run wild every now and then. Of course, some of you might be giving me a snort or laugh asking… how this is possible?

Sitting at your desk, eyes closed and hands down relaxed by your side on in your lap, bring your attention the noises around you; only notice the sounds and become aware of your surrounds/environment. Take three large deep breaths, filling up your lungs completely and slowly exhaling each one as you release tension from within the body. Notice how combining the methods listed above into a simple exercise, you can now take the attention off everything but the body. The surroundings of the body, the way air fills and leaves the body, and now. . . how the body feels.

Scan your body slowly, starting from the top of your end down to your toes. Notice anywhere where you have tension or pain, become aware of these areas. Don’t try to change anything or solve any problems you may find, only bring attention to how the body feels. Keep the breath steady as you scan your body, and once you’ve finished, take a minute to send a message to those areas that you will take care of them. You will help your body relieve its pain.

  1. Come back to Work

Slowly open your eyes again. Look around at your surroundings and then stand up and give your body a good stretch. Now, create a list of only three things you have to get done today before you leave, even if you have more or less to do… write the list. The list will help tell your mind what to focus on, and only focus on for the three present moment. Attack one thing at a time on that list, and only if or when you finish this list… can you write another. Take a deep breath once you write this list, turning your computer back on in order to focus on task number one.  


Date: 11/24/2017
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