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10 Signs You Totally Have Yoga Brain

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 5/16/2018 to Modern Yoga Trends

10 Signs You Totally Have Yoga Brain

We all know and love those moments of pure bliss following a yoga class, especially a round that really works your body. I mean, who really wants to come out of their Savasana anyways? We should all just have a sleepover and wake up wondering if we should just practice again in the morning. After yoga, we basically experience about an hour or less of euphoria and feel like we’re having an outer body experience. However, these moments definitely tend to have their bloopers and have been commonly referred to having “yoga brain.”

Tell me you haven’t experienced any of these following yoga:

1. You’re Having Trouble Forming Sentences.

“What are words?” is about the only sentence I can form after hot yoga when trying to chit chat with another. Usually, we can share about 2-3 sentences before our mushy brains start to get caught up in that euphoric feeling again. Words are hard, especially when you have to concentrate on putting together sentences, when in fact you might actually be dreaming and don’t know it.  

2. You’ve Walked to the Wrong Car after Class.

I’ve even continuously tried to jiggle the handle, looking like I might be breaking into what I thought was my own car. Sometimes you don’t quite get that far though and usually just end up walking in the wrong direction towards what looks like your car. Whoops.   

3. You’ve Missed your Mouth when Going for Some Water.

Honestly, this happens outside of having yoga brain too believe it or not. For some reason though, after yoga, my body decides to completely melt. Meaning all the muscles needed to pick up something up and hold it in the correct placement for use doesn’t work as well as before yoga. It’s whatever, we are usually soaked with sweat anyway!  

4. You Feel Like You’re Daydreaming in the Present Moment.

Nothing feels real, like you’re in a foggy dream. Your mind is so at peace from receiving space, and your body is so exhausted from the flow that you can’t help but notice how different your entire being is functioning now. This is what it feels like to hit the “off button” on your mind. When the constant thoughts take a breath, you tune in to your surroundings differently. Pretty cool huh?  

5. You Have an Incomprehensive Smile Taking Over your Face.

Okay, so I don’t about you guys, but I’ve definitely had some stares. I just stand there after yoga, usually participating in a group conversation, with this uncontrollable smile or expression taking over my face. With the daydreaming and the euphoria taking over my brain, my whole face can’t help but show how I feel. Not everyone has trouble hiding their insides like I do, but if you do, you’ve totally caught yourself with this act of yoga brain.

6. You Feel Silly and Start Laughing for No Reason.

Everything seems funny. Bumping into another yogi as you’re both trying to grab your shoes. Wiping your mat down and thinking the dirt you’ve gathered seems funny too. Normal things we overlook throughout our busy days become kind of funny after yoga. Yoga brain is funny in general, but once you start giggling at things you normally wouldn’t think twice about, you realize how happy yoga makes your brain.

7. You Show Extra Kindness to Anyone you Bump Into.

You want everyone to feel the same way you do after yoga. I’ve gone grocery shopping after a class and found myself starting up conversations with strangers, asking about the cashier’s day with extra interest, and even smiling wide for the seafood butcher. Yoga brain and all its euphoric state had me sit in my car afterward noticing how different that shopping trip was from others.

8. You Randomly Start Bumping into Things.

Okay, being clumsy is one thing, but it’s only natural that if you can’t stop daydreaming, are smiling uncontrollably, giggling at almost nothing, spilling water down your tank top, and have walked to towards the wrong car … you probably have bumped into a wall, door, or another person amongst all that brain activity.

9. Your Emotions are Running Haywire.

Bless those hip openers, but man do they really open up those emotional windows. If you’ve ever driven home crying either from happiness or sadness, you know you had a good practice. Yoga brain wants all that to be released from the body, for good, that way inner peace can be obtained and your brain can remain in this incredible state (minus the clumsiness haha). Some classes require a different release from your body, so just respect that some days you have to dump out the waste a little bit.

10. You sleep sweetly.

This is why I love to practice at night before bed. Yoga brain is amazing to experience as you are about to dive into your REM. The more relaxed your body and mind are before a full night of sleep, the better quality of sleep you receive. That’s why they tell us to avoid distractions and mental interactions an hour before bed, because you’re mind needs to slow down in order for your body to fully restore and heal itself.

Hence, the practice of yoga.

Yoga truly is a medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. We want all three of those to work in harmony to fully achieve personal, independent happiness and inner peace.


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