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10 Ways to Find More Joy Every Day

Posted by Brittany Epley on 11/28/2016

Joy is one of the highest emotional vibrations we can experience as human beings. It is one of the best parts of being alive! Being in a state of joy boosts the immune system, enhances creativity and brings a cascade of other positive benefits. The following are 10 ways to help cultivate and set the stage for more joy each day:

1. Laugh!

Humor is one of the most exuberant forms of joy we can experience. Make it a priority to have reasons to laugh often. Spend time with people with great senses of humor. Watch funny movies, television shows, comedy specials and YouTube videos regularly. Consider joining an improv group, or form one of your own. Most importantly, make the effort to find and see the humorous side of life each day.

2.  Practice Gratitude

The energy of genuine gratitude and appreciation is another very high vibration. You can become more proficient in having an “attitude of gratitude” more consistently by practicing it. Consider keeping a gratitude journal and make the effort to notice everything that’s going well in your life each day. You can practice being grateful with a partner or a “gratitude buddy” as well.

3. Play

Playing isn’t just for kids. Make time to play on a regular basis, whether it’s board games with family and friends or playing a favorite personal game on your own to get a break from work and commitments. A spirit of play keeps you feeling young and vibrant.

4. Do Yoga

Yoga opens up the chakras and meridians, allowing fresh chi to flow in and cleanse out any blockages and stale energy. This opens up your body, mind and spirit to more feelings of joy and positive energy. Other spiritual practices like meditation, qigong, tai chi and martial arts can help to cultivate a more joyful existence as well.

5.  Enjoy Nature

The experience of more joy can be just outside your door or at your nearest park. Nature is inherently infused with a fresh, ever-renewing energy that stimulates our sense of joy and wonder. From majestic trees and mountains to blooming flowers, colorful birds and fascinating animals, nature is an endless source of joy.

6. Reward Yourself

Work and responsibilities are important, and most people pride themselves on what they accomplish. However, be sure to build in rewards throughout your week as well as throughout the year. Going out to lunch with friends, treating yourself to a massage, taking a vacation, or just taking the time to read a good book can all help to keep your en-joy-ment of life alive and well.

7. Spend Time in the Arts

The arts allow us to connect with a higher part of ourselves and experience a sense of transcendence of mundane life. Art can take the form of music, visual art, film, theater, dance, and other media. Whether you are an artist yourself or an appreciator of the arts (or both), spending time with artistic outlets can keep you aligned with the pulse of joy.

8. Play with a Pet

Animals are naturally closer to the source of all life and less inclined to worry, hold grudges or show any signs of “ego” like humans do. That’s why being around them feels so uplifting and refreshing. When you need an instant burst of joy, spend some time with a pet.

9. Eat Chocolate

OK, it’s possible that not everyone loves chocolate; however, the point is to treat yourself to your favorite decadent foods from time to time. When you do, savor each and every delicious bite.

10. Follow Your Bliss

What makes you truly happy? What (or who – or where) makes your heart sing? As much as possible, strive to design your life and your schedule in ways that naturally bring out your innate joy.

The feeling of joy is one of the most uplifting and rewarding energies we can experience in life. Use these 10 ideas to connect with joy more often, and you’ll naturally have a more memorable and amazing life experience.


Date: 4/4/2017

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