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Mat Tags

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Mat Tags™ are unique, self-adhesive woven labels that stick to yoga mats for identification and inspiration.

Why use Mat Tags?

Mat Tags make CONNECTIONS!  It's fun when everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came!
  • Identify yourself. Help teachers to easily recall your name in packed classes. How nice is it when your teacher uses your name instead of this: "Hey you in the black pants, adjust your foot!!"

  • Identify your mat from the sea of mats that all look alike.

  • Be sure not to practice on someone else's sweaty mat! :)

  • If you accidentally leave your mat behind, trust that it will be easily identified by the studio as yours.

Mat Tags make great gifts for your yoga teacher and fellow yogi and yoginis, and are excellent for other items too, like your yoga blocks, journals, manuals, laptops and more!

How to use Mat Tags
  • Purchase your favorite design, personalize, peel and stick

  • NOTE: For best results use DRY ERASE Markers or a plain black Sharpie and a light touch. Other markers will bleed!

  • Be sure to apply firm pressure on the mat tag, especially on your yoga mat. Stepping on it is ideal.

Care Instructions for Mat Tags
Mat Tags™ are woven fabric and subject to all the trials and tribulations of fabric. You can gently spot clean your mat tag with warm water, if necessary.

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