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Yoga Bra-Top by 4-rth
Yoga Bra-Top by 4-rth
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Classically tailored, this top will feel like a 2nd skin; double layered in front for added comfort and support.  Made with premium custom fabric, this top was designed and made in Los Angeles.  ProModal is from Beech wood and Eucalyptus that is sustainably farmed. Softer than cotton with 50% more moisture wicking & 1/20th the eco-impact.  Who said being green had to look boring?
Made in the USA!
Available in Black, Tangerine and Plum.
Fabric: ProModal blend w/touch of Lycra
Sizing: (S: 2 - 6), (M: 4 - 8), (L: 6 - 10)
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