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Studio 8 Ten

Studio 8 Ten

It started over 10 years ago with only a paper shredder and a mission…to offer meaningful work to adults with disabilities. People with profound disabilities are often overlooked as only having “recreational” options for activities, and unable to participate in paid employment. They knew there had to be a better way. Introducing these individuals to crafting, at first through papermaking and card making, gave everyone a chance to participate in a group setting on the projects and gain the opportunity to get a paycheck, regardless of how severe or mild their disability. The individuals in the programs embraced these activities so whole-heartedly, they decided to pursue a business.

In 2003 the company hired a full-time product designer to introduce new ideas to the product line. Within a year, the product line had grown to 45 different products, including scrapbooks, journals, bath and body items, and pet toys. Besides offering many more choices for daily activities to the individual artists, the overall quality improved with the inception of the Quality Control group, a group made up of quality minded individuals who were known for their attention to detail, and their interest in the saleability of the products. With the growth of the business, they also saw growth in the individuals….moving from just coming to work and “staying busy” to taking pride in the production of the product line, and connecting in a real way to the community through the sales of these products.