Prenatal Yoga DVD - Short Forms with Jennifer Wolfe

Prenatal Yoga DVD - Short Forms with Jennifer Wolfe

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Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Short Forms with Jennifer Wolfe DVD

Continuing in the spirit of her first award winning DVD Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga, Jennifer has made a short forms version of the DVD the New York Times said, "Makes you feel good, even with a big arms and legs got a workout, and I felt stretched, connected and relaxed."

This DVD was created to be challenging while giving women different modifications for each stage of their pregnancy. It focuses on breath and body awareness to safely achieve a vigorous practice.

All New 15, 30 & 45 Minute Practices
Choose the length of your practice each day based on how much time you have and how your body is feeling

5 Minute Relaxation
Prepare your mind and body for labor by training your body to relax using this 5 minute relaxation, a great way to end your yoga practice

Safe Modifications for all 3 Trimesters
All 3 trimesters are modeled so you can modify your practice as your baby grows and your body changes

Bonus Labor Poses
Yoga can be really helpful in labor and childbirth, learn some tips for bringing yoga into the birthing process

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