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Pizza Party! Kids Yoga Class DVD by Yoga Playgrounds
Pizza Party! Kids Yoga Class DVD by Yoga Playgrounds
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This fun and engaging instructional DVD provides a cost-effective, indoor yoga playground for young children (ages 3 – 7) with 5 / 7 / 20 minute activity options. Produced by Leah Kalish and taught by, Lisa Detamore, Pizza Party leads children through a yoga-based creative movement class that gives them the exercise and play they both crave and need.

The benefits of participation are enhanced awareness, coordination, balance, focus, fitness and self-control. No extra equipment or supervision are required.

Pizza Party offers a balanced combination of active play and reflective activities that are imagery rich and PE standards based. Children flow through guided movement routines that integrate yoga poses and include breathing, singing, balancing, pretending, strengthening, stretching, relaxation and visualization. Activities both energize, building coordination and confidence, and calm, nurturing focus and peacefulness. Regular participation supports brain-based learning and the preschooler’s natural need to explore, observe, imitate, manipulate, and master his/her world via movement and play.

Pizza Party offers kids: 
  • Fun, Indoor Active Play and Pretend
  • Development of Coordination, Strength, Balance
  • Enhancement of Self-Awareness / Social Skills
  • Peaceful Well-Being

Pizza Party offers Teachers / Parents:

  • Fun Activities for Transitions
  • Proven Techniques to Calm and Focus
  • Enhancement of Learning Readiness and Self-Regulation
  • Effective Behavior Management

When adults value play and exercise with children, they lay a foundation for their lifetime health. Regular use of Pizza Party, 3-5 times a week, is recommended. Pick a suitable time in your daily routine. Provide a clean, safe space and pop in the DVD. You can allow children to play along by themselves; you can follow-along with them, or watch and encourage them.

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