Organic Sangha Yoga Meditation 9" Cushion by Blue Lotus Yoga Essentials

Organic Sangha Yoga Meditation 9" Cushion by Blue Lotus Yoga Essentials

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Sangha means community and embodies the spirit of our sangha cushion. This cushion was designed for both the beginner and experienced meditator; and therefore, it is for the entire community, for the sangha. It is favored by those who may sit for many hours at a time, by others who prefer to sit higher off the ground, or by those whose knees tend to hurt in other positions.

Three postures may be used with the sangha for comfortable meditation:

1. Sitting on the forward edge of the cube shifts the hulls forward so the knees comfortably reach the floor. The pelvis tilts forward and the spine automatically aligns.

2. Seiza posture consists of straddling the cube and folding the knees on each side of the cube and pointing the feet back.

3. Simply sitting with knees up for those with stiff knees.

Designed by an structural engineer, the sangha provides a modern ergonomic interpretation of the zafu.

Both sizes are constructed with medium-weight organic cotton canvas and are stitched with nylon thread for strength. A matching color cotton web strap at the bottom makes it easy to transport. An 8" zippered closure at the bottom of the cushion gives easy access to the interior.

Buckwheat hulls as a filling material are lightweight, very maleable and conform easily to a comfortable sitting position. The hulls themselves allow the cushion to breathe, and so can minimize absorption of odors.

Also available in smaller 7" size.

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