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oGorgeous started with the understanding that going to the gym should be a celebration for the body. And every special occasion, be it a birthday dinner, awards gala, or chic night on the town, is stylized by something with a bit more flair than usual. This can be a pair of stilettos, a stunning dress, or the perfect handbag. When a woman dresses up and knows she looks hot, there’s nothing that can compare to the way she begins to hold herself. She begins to stand taller, move like the sidewalk is her runway, and suddenly she’s got this powerful confidence glowing from her skin.

So why not take that same mentality to the studio? oGorgeous debuted their first line of designer Yoga & Pilates mat bags in January 2009 featuring high quality fabrics, chic design details, and luxe satin lining. They epitomize the perfect blend of fashion and fitness. Customers love the unique, non-traditional mat bags that make workouts another reason to look and feel amazing...because the better she looks, the better she feels, and the better she will perform.