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Yogabody Stretch Vitamin Supplement
Yogabody Stretch Vitamin Supplement

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YOGABODY STRETCH is a nutritional supplement specifically designed for yoga students to help aid muscle flexibility and range of motion.

30 Day Supply- 180 Pills

Check out the formula: [Quantities per 6 capsules]
-MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): 3219 mg
-Triple Green Blend (organic spirulina, organic chlorella and barley grass juice extract): 483 mg
-Ultra-Sorb Vitamin C (ascorbic acid buffered with calcium abscrobate): 468 mg
-Trace Mineral Uptake Enhancers: 44 mg


MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane which is a chemical derived from plants that has been proven effective (by WebMD) for osteoarthritis. It is also used to treat chronic pain, muscle fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, and various other ailments. Yoga students love it because it is vegan and noticeably helps the body stretch deeper!

Vitamin C boosts the effects of MSM, increases your immune system, and neutralizes free radicals so you can heal fast and practice hard. The Triple Green Blend is a super mix of spirulina (blue-green algae formulated for human consumption), chlorella (green algae), and barley grass juice extract loaded with protein, chlorophyll, and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals to help keep your body strong and healthy.

Trace Minerals contain essential electrolytes for healthy bodily water management. Trace minerals also prevent illness and keep your system balanced - even in times of stress or fatigue.

Benefits Reported by Students:
-Looser muscles, joints and connective tissues
-Deeper stretches
-Improved flexibility
-General ease in back bends and inversions
-Deeper hamstring, shoulder, and hip stretches
-Reduced soreness and inflammation
-Decreased post-practice aches and pains
-Boosted immune system
-Increased energy
-Reduced food cravings
-Stronger & healthier hair and nails

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