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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp (Small) by Solay
Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp (Small) by Solay
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Solay Salt crystal lamps harness a very high energy frequency, neutralizing EMF from our modern day living.  We recommend at least one lamp per room, although with salt lamps, you can never have too many to help you stay well. The colors in Solay salt crystals lamps come from the mineral content, including reds from iron, oranges from copper, and yellows from magnesium.  Within one lamp may be a combination of colors. Each lamp is unique; hand chiseled using the best 250 million year old Himalayan crystal salt. A beautiful display piece, reception area light or simply nurture your home with plentiful negative ions, energy and radiance. Artisan crafted.

Each Solay lamp comes with an attached zen wood base, UL tested dimmer cord, allowing you to adjust your ambiance, a 15 watt bulb and care instructions.

Weight: 5-7 lbs
Height: 6"-8”
Ion Radius: Approx 5’
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