Heidi Hat

Heidi Bottom

Heidi of Heidi Hat encountered the ultimate fashion emergency. A Ski Pro at Aspen Mountain, she needed to be warm on the slopes, but also wanted to look good. What to do, what to do? She never liked hats much in the first place, so she realized there was no other choice but to make herself a hat she would like. Sewing and designing with fun, colorful, fabrics, mixing and matching concepts that might not necessarily go together, Heidi Hat soon created the perfect fashionable and functional accessory... the quintessential Heidi Hat!

Popularity spread of Heidi's beautiful creations which have since expanded to yoga wear, skirts, capris, pants, and board shorts. Looking hot makes you feel better about yourself, besides it's just plain fun! Thankfully, from Heidi Hats to Heidi Bottoms, we can always look our best from top to bottom.