Divine Blessings

Divine Blessings

Divine Blessings Clothing Line is an Eco-Friendly Yoga Inspired Clothing Line, whose vision is 'Uplifting the World One Breath at a Time'. Our Signature Line of Breathe - Breathe Some More... is intended to Inform & Educate Globally on the 'Power of Conscious Breathing'.

On September 29th of each year, Divine Blessings sponsors the annual 'Breathe Together Day'. Celebrations take place all around the Globe in recognition of the 'Conscious Breath'. Festivities include music, song, dance and stopping several times throughout the day to BREATHE TOGETHER the Conscious Breath, in recognition of our 'Magnificent Gift of the Breath'.

All of Divine Blessings' Styles are created in 'Love', and are Made in the USA.

Divine Blessings is tagged as 'Clothing With a Cause'; we support Individuals working through Debilitating Anxiety Challenges, with a portion of our proceeds going towards the Homeless.

Divine Blessings practices Sustainability in every way possible.

Thank You for Your Love, Support & Appreciation of Divine Blessings.

Peace & Infinite Blessings ~
Divine Aubry