Dance of Shiva with Andrey Lappa Yoga DVD

Dance of Shiva with Andrey Lappa Yoga DVD

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Join acclaimed Ukrainian yoga master Andrey Lappa for an introduction to the theory and practice of Dance of Shiva, a yogic system of personal transformation through movement that builds new neural pathways, expands consciousness and helps dissolve limiting mental and physical patterns.

Andrey Lappa describes Dance of Shiva as a system of conscious liberation. It is an ancient yogic art which uses synchronized movements of arms and legs to create powerful flows of life energy. As the movements become increasingly complex, the practitioner is challenged to develop increasing conscious control of these energy flows, with beneficial physical, mental and spiritual results. Andrey has created a uniquely modern method of teaching this ancient practice.

Dance of Shiva can be a difficult practice to undertake. This program is best suited for highly motivated students of the energetic movement arts.

Highlights from this DVD include:

• 3 1/2 hours of practice material shot at beautiful Tengboche Monastery in the stunning high Himalayas of Nepal.
• Over 60 minutes of in-depth lectures explaining the history, theory and practice of Dance of Shiva, including detailed explanations of the first three levels.
• Detailed menus allow precise navigation through the combined 4 1/2 hours of practice and lecture material. Each of the intermediate steps of each practice level can be looped individually for focused practice.

Audience: This DVD is suitable for all yogis
Focus: Personal transformation through movement and awareness
Intensity: Mild to moderate muscular intensity. Challenging mind-body coordination
Props: None required
Style: 1 1/2 hours of lecture; 3 1/2 hours of dynamic practices

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