Crystal Yoga Lighted Decorative Deva Spheres

Crystal Yoga Lighted Decorative Deva Spheres

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Now here's something unique! Designed by visionary artist Terre Satterthwaite, these highly detailed 3D art designs are laser etched into crystal spheres.  Measuring 80 mm in diameter, each sphere comes with a 7-color LED batter operated base. A perfect addition to your home or office decor, these spheres make a great gift!


Chakra Sphere - This classical rendering of the Chakras as Lotus flowers has become a popular design within the international yoga and new age communities. The rainbow spectrum as a Lotus Tree is the ancient diagram of the Chakras that first appeared 4,500 years ago. The petals of the Chakras represent the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, which is the mother of most modern alphabets.

Lotus Buddha Sphere - Here we have a beautiful sixteen petaled lotus flower upon which a meditating Buddha is seated. As a tool of contemplation this unique design demonstrates how the rainbow essence of being is found within the sphere of infinite light. Some great masters including the Buddha have said that this is our real condition. We are a rainbow emanation floating in a sphere of infinite light.

Aum Sphere - AUM is the timeless symbol that is often expressed simply as OM. There are three parts to the sound, A-U-M. It is also said that OM is the sound of the Universe.

Star of Life Sphere - A sacred geometric design based on the six pointed star. Multiple six pointed stars of various sizes have been joined together to create this unique sacred geometry within a sphere.

Tara Wish Sphere - Tara has been known to appear to those who call upon her using her mantra. She is known for her quick action. She is said to appear in a rainbow sphere of light.

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