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Color Aromas Chakra Oils by Conscious Colors
Color Aromas Chakra Oils by Conscious Colors
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The best color energy balancing aromatherapy! Color Aromas 12 unique color energies offer you optimal physical, mental, emotional & spiritual balance through Color Therapy.

Chakra Balancing & Aura Polishing is made simple and delightful with our innovative products. Start restoring your light body by saturating yourself with the color rays of sunlight through aromatic color found in these pure essential oil blends.

Your sense of smell is your most powerful sense.

Follow this simple formula to balance your chakras & feel better on all levels:  Choose your colors, Breathe in your affirmations & Let your sense of smell create the shift!

Choose from the following scents:

PINK ("I am loving") - energy for your Root & Heart Chakras
self acceptance, unconditional love, gentleness
pink grapefruit, palmarosa, lavender

DEEP RED ("I am abundant") - energy for your Root Chakra
centering, grounding, stabilizing
cedarwood, rosewood, vanilla nectar

BRIGHT RED ("I am energy") - energy for your Root Chakra
energy determination, ambition
cedarwood, cypress, lime

ORANGE ("I am creative") - energy for your Sacral Chakra
creativity, sensuality, patience
patchouli, tangerine, ylang ylang

GOLD ("I am present") - energy for your Navel Chakra
healing, nurturing, soothing
sandlewood, lemon verbena, neroli

YELLOW ("I am clear") - energy for your Solar Plexus Chakra
clarity, focus, self esteem
sandlewood, lemon, bergamont

GREEN ("I am balance") - energy for your Heart Chakra
comfort, balance, love
rosewood, geranium, spruce

TURQUOISE ("I am inspiration") - energy for your High Heart Chakra
purification, clearing, communication
peppermint, rosemary, juniperberry

PALE BLUE ("I am peaceful") - energy for your Purification Chakra
calming, relaxation, peacefulness
lavender, palmarosa, marjoram

ROYAL BLUE ("I am intuitive") - energy for your Inner Eye Chakra
insights, meditation, empowerment
frankincense, basil, clary sage

DEEP VIOLET ("I am spiritual") - energy for your Crown Chakra
awareness, spirituality, calm
lavender, frankincense, jasmine

PALE VIOLET ("I am light") - energy for the Crown Chakra
getting out of the head & into the light
patchouli, peppermint, clary sage
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