Budokon: Power & Agility Yoga DVD by Cameron Shayne

Budokon: Power & Agility Yoga DVD by Cameron Shayne

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Budokon : Power and Agility is the preferred training tool for experienced yogis, MMA fighters, martial artists, and Olympic athletes alike.

This program from the Budokon System (combining yoga, martial arts, and meditation) will take whatever art, sport, or discipline you practice to the next level. Fighting Crocodile, Leaping Leopard, and Dancing Lion are just a few of the ground breaking techniques that forever transform your body. If you have been looking for a DVD workout that will finally kick your butt and at the same time cultivate awareness of mind, this is it!

A special bonus tutorial offers a detailed explanation and demonstration of each Budokon technique. It’s like having a private session at home with Cameron Shayne! The DVD also contains a director’s commentary, consisting of a personal and in-depth discussion of the art of Budokon, revealing founder Cameron Shayne’s motivations and perspectives on creating this unique art form.

What is Budokon? Budokon is a ground breaking mind and movement art form that draws from ancient yogic martial arts and meditation traditions seamlessly blending the two into one revolutionary practice. Budokon’s creator, Kancho Cameron Shayne has devoted his entire life to the study and mastery of body organization and awareness through the classical arts of Yoga, Martial Arts and Meditation. His keen understanding of mind/body dynamics, coupled with an eye for the complex qualities of movement has made him one of the most acclaimed and sought after mind-body-spirit innovators in the world.

Run Time: 50 minutes

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