Bangalore is the family business of Gilberto and Hita Tessele, established in Brazil, in 1995. Gilberto began Bangalore by traveling to India, collecting unique sari fabrics. These lovely fabrics were then fashioned into modern clothing for boutiques in Brazil. Having been successful with his first line Gilberto then designed a stone wash ladies, missy line. The production was done in India, and Bangalore grew into an import-export company. Hita began Bonita Brazil in the United States in 2000, by traveling to festivals, street fairs, temples and the Main streets of America. In 2002 the couple began their own line of Yoga clothes.
Today, Bangalore Brazil has transformed into a design and production company, with all its products made in Brazil and the US. Artisans weave, crochet, bead, embroider, sew and silk-screen, creating true works of art. The wide variety of products include: Yoga clothing: Yogi pants, God & Goddess t-shirts, sari t-shirts; hand-made open weave blouses, cover-ups, pants, shawls, skirts, dresses; hand-crochet yoga dance pants.

Bangalore Brazil, in both the U.S. and Brazil, continue to develop into co-ops creating clothing that brings together hand-crafted with modern techniques; east with west; and simplicity with elegance.