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Wai Lana Little Yogis Vol. 2 DVD
Wai Lana Little Yogis Vol. 2 DVD
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Wai Lana's Little Yogis fulfills every parent's dream. Here's a safe, fun, challenging, and healthful activity that benefits all of the kids in your life—even big kids like you. Your children will love working out with Wai Lana, the world's most-watched and best-known yoga teacher. With her warm, personable style, Wai Lana easily inspires her little yogis with a fun game of yoga. The poses Wai Lana has chosen for Little Yogis will entertain and delight your kids while working to strengthen their growing bodies, stretch their muscles, and improve their balance and coordination. You don't even have to tell them it's good for them! Your children will love this playful DVD and will always appreciate you for starting them on a path toward lifelong health and happiness.

Special Features:

  • Customized Personal Workout
  • Opción de idioma español (Spanish language option)
  • Games
  • Cartoons

Approx. 30 Minutes

Sample Video:
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