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Postures of Gratitude

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 11/27/2012
Different poses have a feeling different feelings. Some poses are heart opening. Some poses bring us comfort. Some poses give us energy. And some poses provoke feelings of gratitude. These poses are great ones to practice on Thanksgiving as well as everyday. Fish Pose: Fish pose opens the places in our bodies where we feel gratitude. It opens the heart. Sivasana: This is what happens at the end of every yoga class. You might be grateful that you survived class. You might be grateful for the chance to lie on the floor and relax. You might be grateful that you gave yourself the time to practice yoga. This is the time in class to still the mind. Parsvottanasana: This pose is a forward bend with your hands in anjali mundra. When you are practicing this pose you are bowing and offering gratitude to the world.

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