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Ganesh, Hindu Deity, Sterling Silver Bracelet
Ganesh, Hindu Deity, Sterling Silver Bracelet
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Ganesh (Ganesha) is a Hindu Deity widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles, Lord of Beginnings, and as the bestower of wisdom. Ganesh is the Elephant God in Hindu religion. It is not strange that he is so highly worshiped because he is humble and wise and shows us that everything is possible. He rides upon a rat like a big loveable giant, letting his inner beauty, confidence and humbleness shine through. Gentle but big, he attracts the big and the small alike as we feel his compassion and forgiveness. At the same time he is very wise and intelligent. Highly brilliant, yet completely socially adept! That is rare indeed. With his Om (Aum) shaped trunk, he is the infinite symbol of auspicious. He also rules the root chakra, waking up our latent energy and bringing us towards divinity.

Goes well with matching Ganesh Ring, Earrings, Pendant, and beautifully detailed Necklace with leather cord.

Adjustable chain (perfect for men and women). Centerpiece is 1.2" (3 cm).
Sterling silver, 13 g. Made in India.

Created for YOGAaccessories.com by Shanti Boutique, a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

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