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Gaiam YOGA KIDS 1 (3-6) DVD
Gaiam YOGA KIDS 1 (3-6) DVD
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YogaKids 1 DVD features beloved instructor Marsha Wenig. It's a fun, imaginative, yoga program that teaches kids how fun yoga can be. Join in and sing along! Taking cues from animals, trees and the nature of the world, these curious 3 to 6 year-olds follow children's yoga expert Marsha Wenig as she guides creatively-adapted yoga basics set to playful original songs. Your child will roar like a lion, stretch like a puppy and stand gracefully like a flamingo, building a sense of accomplishment with every pose. It will give children lifelong tools for refocusing mindset and mood, teach yoga fundamentals, build physical fitness and self-confidence and challenge coordination and imagination. 40 minutes.
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