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Most weight loss plans are all about reaching an external goal: fitting into a clothing size, reaching a magic number on the scale, eating a set number of calories or carbs ... BalanceBall for Weight Loss works like no other plan youıve tried ‹ and keeps the weight off for life ‹ because it gets to the core of whatıs out of balance on the inside. This program is different because itıs about fitness and food that rebalance your bodyıs fat-burning body chemistry, lean muscle mass and self-image from within as it reshapes your body on the outside. With this program youıll get Custom Workouts and nutrition that work with your schedule and your life. Youıll learn motivating Pilates-infused routines using the BalanceBall to engage more muscles and boost calorie burn as you sculpt abs, glutes, thighs and upper arms. Gaiamıs signature attention to body mechanics and breathing tune you in to your body more than other workouts ‹ so your mind and muscles work in sync to get you strong and confident from the inside out. Our quick-reference nutrition guide helps you rebalance your body chemistry healthfully, with leading-edge advice on combining foods to maximize fat burn, have more energy and end cravings. BalanceBall for Weight Loss sets you up for success for a lifetime.
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