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Fitness Bra by Zensah
Fitness Bra by Zensah
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Zensah has developed the most comfortable fitness bra. The innovative fitness bra is made with Zensah Fabric which is thermal regulating. This allows you to never feel too hot or too cold, providing increased while you are engaged in fitness. This is an ideal fitness top for all levels.

The Zensah Fitness Bra has moisture wicking technology that keeps you dry.

With a seamless construction and Zensah fabric, the Zensah Fitness Bra is the best fitness bra on the market. This high-performance fitness bra offers superior comfort and support.

The Zensah Fitness Bra fits all body types. Get the Zensah Fitness Bra today and revolutionize your exercise.

* No Chafing - Every Zensah Fitness Bra is made with a seamless design to ensure optimal comfort and prevent any chafing.

* Anti-Bacterial

* Superior Comfort - Zensah uses it proprietary Zensah fabric in each Zensah Fitness Bra it creates for an unmatched comfort.

* Thermal Regulating

Fitness Bra Sizing:
XS/S 30AB - 32AB
S/M 34AB - 36A
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